Services and Products

Services to go along with VERDOT® purification equipment.


VERDOT Ips² offers a wide range of services, from rental for development purposes to revamping, maintenance and SOPs.

Pre-project services

  • Assistance in process development

    The Customer aims to complete their chromatography process knowledge with experience. A VERDOT Ips² expert guides the laboratory technicians/operators in the development of these chromatography processes. A laboratory purification system and a column can be rented for a limited period of time.

  • Preliminary Engineering Analysis

    The client has defined their process at the laboratory / pilot scale, and wants support in the preparation of a URS. Based on process definition and a site visit or collaboration with its Engineering (new production unit), VERDOT Ips² identifies and documents all the parameters and constraints to be defined for an industrial installation.

  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)

    VERDOT Ips² participates or leads FMEA sessions to identify major risks and implements actions to reduce them (change of specification, new equipment function, etc.).

Equipment delivery services

  • Assistance with the delivery and installation of equipment

    VERDOT Ips² engineers ensure that the equipment is handled correctly upon delivery, and offer assistance for unpacking and installation in the production area.

  • Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

    VERDOT Ips² engineers implement the Site Acceptance Test in the presence of customers’ technicians.

  • Assistance with Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ & OQ)

    VERDOT Ips² engineers help customer technicians with IQ and OQ processes.

  • Column Packing, Unpacking and Cleaning

    VERDOT Ips² engineers adapt the steps of Packing / Unpacking / Cleaning to customer requirement in terms of support and installation, depending on customer’s procedures or VERDOT Ips² procedures. This also serves as training for customer technicians.

  • Training

    VERDOT Ips² experts provide practical training to customer technicians, based on a pre-agreed program, in various fields such as: Packing / Unpacking, software use, equipment maintenance, etc. A training report and certificates are issued at the end of each session.

Post-Project completion services

  • Technical intervention on site

    This is offered for preventive maintenance, with associated maintenance contract; problem solving due to misuse; repair of damaged equipment.

  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) optimization for Packing, Unpacking and Cleaning

    This service is particularly useful for customers who have been using our equipment for several years. This makes it possible to identify areas for improvement in terms of Packing, Unpacking and Cleaning procedures.

  • Update or upgrade of equipment

    ✓ Update of operating software, replacement of old computers

    ✓ Replacement of obsolete components

    ✓ Adaptation of the system to a new application (addition of valves, new versions of sub-assemblies, motorization, piston, etc.)

    ✓ Addition of new functions

  • Spare parts and Support

    VERDOT Ips² provides all the spare parts necessary for the preventive maintenance of its equipment and offers equivalent technical solutions to handle any obsolescence.
    You can send us your requests, demands or any other needs by sending an email to the dedicated technical support email:


VERDOT Ips² has a multidisciplinary team to meet the specific requirements of its customers:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Automation / electrical engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Biological engineer

Sharing these skills allows VERDOT Ips² to offer the appropriate solution that the customer will not find in a catalogue of standard equipment.

To date, we have successfully designed and integrated the following elements:

  • In-line sterilization on chromatography skid
  • Skid 4 pumps including 2 dilutions coupled to a step gradient.
  • Creation of innovative agitated columns to optimize the process and improve resins cleaning (saving on OPEX resin purchase costs and buffers consumption)
  • Ethanol degassing unit to perform a gradient.


The VERDOT® standard equipment range supports you in all your purification projects, from pilot scale to industrial production.

Our Pilot range offers compact skids and modular columns from 10 to 20 cm in diameter, for R&D and small volume production. For industrial scale production, EasyPack, InPlace and AgiChrom columns are available from 20 cm.

All our standards equipment are designed in a sanitary way, with pharmaceutical grade materials, and are compatible with GMP use. The wide range of products offered by VERDOT Ips² allows an easy scale-up of all your chromatography processes.


Services and Products

More information and details about our equipments:


VERDOT Ips² aims to deliver a complete integrated solution for the needs of its customers. For the sake of it, we offer them a whole system designed by our engineers and either developed by them or by our partners, respecting standards GAMP5 and 21CFR part 11. Our standard is a solution developed with Siemens TIA Portal. We also have an Omron plus iFIX solution for our standard range - Minipro and Flexipro.

As every customer has specific needs, we strive to tailor our standard software to their requirements.