Organization and Procedures

Experienced profiles, a HSQE driven organization focused on project management.

Project Management

A compact and experienced project team at the service of each project, with reactivity, flexibility and agility


Profile and experience

The tenure at VERDOT Ips² is 13 years for an average age of just under 45 years, an asset for the transmission and improvement of knowledge and know-how.

VERDOT Ips² is a team of 40 people, more than 60% of the employees have at least a qualified degree certificate, 50% are managers and qualified engineers from renowned schools in France who invest in continuous improvement and focused more than 15% of their time to development.

VERDOT Ips² benefits from the individual skills of everyone to meet the needs of its customers:

  • Specialists in biological, mechanics and automation engineering
  • A qualified production team (boiler making, mechanics)
  • Services and support

Very aware of safety, the measures taken have enabled VERDOT Ips² to assert a record of 3000 days without a work accident as of 31st May 2020, with an annual absenteeism rate between 0.3 and 0.7%.
In 2020, VERDOT Ips² had a carbon footprint of 946 Teq Co2 (-44% compared to 2019). The main factor are exports, which represent 95% of turnover.

Quality Management

VERDOT Ips² is committed to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and ensures quality management:

  • Analysis of customers complaints and internal and suppliers non-conformances.
  • Audits: designed as a quality improvement tool, audits are conducted to verify the adequacy of the quality system according to quality standards but also and especially to improve the quality system in order to better address the priority challenges of the company.
  • Technical meetings to improve processes and products.
  • Quality performance indicators and statistical methods.
  • Activities measurements.
  • Management reviews.


Continuously, depending on the impact of situations of non-conformities, corrective actions are implemented and followed.
From the overall analysis of the quality system performance (mainly during management reviews), are decided annually progress actions with, if necessary, dedicated resources: these actions can be corrective or preventive (training, communication, risk analysis, etc.).


Effectiveness measurement

Systematic analysis of the evolution :

  • of the economic performance of the company,
  • of the nature and number of complaints,
  • of the non-quality costs,
  • of internal audit reports.

Timely analysis of external audits or inspections reports (customers, certification and notified bodies...).


On average, each year, are performed internally:

  • 5 quality audits
  • 4 safety audits
  • 1 environmental audit


VERDOT Ips² has implemented a data collection system for more than 20 years (material certificates, operator approvals, metrology, test protocols, etc.) that audits (customers, certifying bodies) have validated without interruption since 2006. The Manufacturer Quality Files, User Manuals and all documents prepared and submitted by VERDOT Ips² are intended to allow customers to meet the regulatory requirements and those of their QA.

During the realization of your project, all the trades of the company VERDOT Ips² are mobilized to build a documentation that will be the exact reflection of your equipment: Project Management, Design Office, Automatism, Electricity, Supervision, Instrumentation, Purchase Department, Logistics, Suppliers and Subcontractors, Boilermaking, Welding, Machining, Assembly, Quality Control, Customer Service.


The User Manual: Support for writing your own procedures and operating procedures

  • Provides warnings and safety instructions, start-up and operating assistance, maintenance and diagnostics.
  • The Project Manager adapts the User Manual to the specificities of the equipment, taking into account the results of risk analyses and feedback.

The Manufacturer Quality File: Documented equipment to prepare your regulatory inspections

  • Gathers all technical documents and records, ensures the traceability of all parts in contact with the product, and complies with Good Documentation Practice.
  • One person is dedicated to the collection and formatting of the documents in the Technical Specifications File under the supervision of the Quality Assurance.

File of Tests Performed in FAT and SAT: Equipment and documentation in accordance with your requirements

  • Uses test protocols validated by the Client, gathers all results recorded in real time, complies with the principles of GMP Qualification and Validation.
  • A team is dedicated to the progress of protocols during FATs in the presence of Customers. However, the control of the equipment is previously carried out by the Product Validation Manager who reports to Quality Assurance.