The Process Chromatography Station 00

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The Process Chromatography Station 00 allows performing fully automated packing, cleaning, chromatography purification, unpacking and maintenance in a single unit, controlled from a single interface. It also incorporates an InPlace™ column equipped for full automation and a prep station, which enables fully automated packing and unpacking. This compact design can be scalable to larger skids, as « All-in-one » solutions.

Process engineers can simplify column preparation from slurry transfer to unpacking and cleaning by choosing either a preprogrammed or specific method for all functions of the process chromatography column and process skid. This enables customers to completely automate these processes with reproducible and traceable results.

  • Automated column operation with preprogrammed or Customer’s methods (media loading, degassing, packing, re-slurrying, unloading and cleaning)
  • Automated chromatography purification processes
  • Space saving

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