FlexiPro™, Process Chromatography Skids with Disposable fluid path

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FlexiPro™ is a benchtop process chromatography system for small-scale or mid-scale GMP biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Within a few minutes it can changed between the “low flow kit” or “high flow kit”. Each kit includes the entire fluid path from inlet to outlet, including pumps heads and instruments. The “low flow kit” runs from 5 to 150L/h. The “high flow kit” runs from 20 to 600L/h. Both have standard 2 pumps for inline dilution or gradient operations. The kits are delivered double bagged. A wireless tablet PC with SCADA software is used to run the chromatography process and to communicate with the PLC. The housing is made of stainless steel and plastic.

  • Designed for single use process or multi-product production suite
  • Very compact for possible integration in Isolator
  • Transparent door and interlocks ensure safe and correct positioning of fluid path
  • Install a new kit in minutes
  • Equipped with high quality disposable instruments
  • Configured for simultaneous inline dilution and gradient operation for high performance and reduced cost
  • User-friendly software meets U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Documentation for regulatory submission is included

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