Process Chromatography Skids 01 to 05

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The process chromatography skid 01–05 allows different options to be integrated into a core platform. Isocratic and gradient systems are optimized for column diameter and process requirements.

You may specify combinations of sensors, including flow, pH, conductivity, temperature, pressure, and air sensors. The system layout and the control system can be adapted for optimal integration in the Customer’s production environment. VERDOT Ips² can also adapt the documentation and the qualification of the equipment to the Customers’ QA organization

Options that can be integrated on a process skid include :

  • Multihead dosing pumps
  • Gradient function (controlled by flow rate or flow rate and conductivity)
  • Additional inlet and outlet valves
  • Instruments
  • Sterilization-in-place

The computer-driven operation system is passcode protected to record all events and actions in accordance with GMP compliance guidelines. The system controller runs in the Windows operating system. Its simple, user-friendly interface enables touch-screen input of data and programming commands. The software meets U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

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