EasyPack™ Chromatography Columns

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EasyPack™ process-scale chromatography columns are designed for industrial applications. These open process columns have variable bed-height adaptors, inflatable seals, and fixed-bottom endpieces. Their sanitary design ensures hygienic performance and ease of cleaning. From pilot to manufacturing scale, EasyPack columns are directly scalable. To minimize scale-up and development time, these columns have the same basic design for all configurations from internal diameters of 18 cm to 2 m. EasyPack columns are easily upgradable to InPlace™ columns

  • Open column design
  • Adjustable height adaptor with central screw mechanism
  • Unique filter and flow distributor
  • High packing efficiency
  • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions
  • Customizable diameter up to 2 m
  • Columns available with borosilicate glass, 316L stainless steel, or acrylic column tubes
  • Packing motor controlled with the Basic Control Console or Advanced Control Console

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