Acrylic agitated Tanks

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VERDOT Ips² proposes a range of transparent tanks, from 2 to 2000L, based on acrylic tube and top and bottom caps in stainless steel.

Such tanks can be used in very wide range of applications such as: product preparation, tangential filtration, chemical reaction, slurry preparation, etc

The tanks can be configured with multiple features such as:

  • Agitation with single or dual impellers of various kinds depending on the expected function.
  • Translation of the agitation with a pneumatic actuator
  • Double jacket with a second outer acrylic tube, for maintaining a temperature
  • Unlimited combination of fluidic or instrument ports: valves, deep tube, no dead-leg connections (NA connect)
  • Optional side instruments or valves in the bottom flange.
  • Sanitary design
  • High transparency
  • 100% configurable : designed to fit your application
  • Low mechanical shear agitation
  • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions
  • Customizable diameters up to 1.2m

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