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The VERDOT Ips² media slurry tank can be used as a stand-alone tank or integrated with other systems. It can be used with any kind of media and chromatography column. For slurry transfer, it can be combined with the VERDOT Ips² media transfer device or Automated packing&unpacking Station. The tank is available in 100, 300, 500, or 900L sizes. The tank uses an agitator with a double propeller to ensure that media are properly suspended and uses a rotating spray ball for cleaning in place. It is supplied with the complete documentation for regulatory submissions.

The VERDOT Ips² media slurry tank fulfills several functions:

  • Resuspends slurry even after complete settling of the media
  • Maintains slurry in suspension during transfer of media to the column
  • Rinses interior after media transfer to ensure complete removal of the media
  • Cleans and chemically sanitizes tank using spray ball
  • Low shear stress on media
  • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions
  • Customized version upon demand

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