InPlace™ Chromatography Columns

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The InPlace process-scale chromatography columns are designed for industrial applications and allow contained filling, packing, unpacking, and cleaning in place. The columns have a sanitary design, variable height adaptor, piston motor, inflatable seal, and special low-shear valves for safe slurry transfer. The piston motors enable high-quality, reproducible packing by axial compression. Axial compression may be combined with flow packing to meet process requirements. Specially designed inlet valves minimize mechanical stress on chromatography media during loading and unloading.

InPlace Columns
InPlace columns are designed so that the packing, unpacking, and cleaning-in-place features do not interfere with the bed support, distribution system, and column tube, allowing optimum performance during any operation. These columns are directly scalable and retain the same general design from pilot to manufacturing scale.

  • Closed system design
  • Adjustable height adaptor for axial compression
  • Designed for multiple packing methods
  • No resin loss during packing
  • Low mechanical shear during media transfer
  • Chromatography tubes available in glass, acrylic, and stainless steel
  • Hoist-free operation with the Column lifter
  • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions
  • 18 cm–2 m size range
  • Packing motor controlled with the Basic Control Console or Advanced Control Console

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