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The design and manufacture of process equipment in the BioPharma field requires to comply with very strict regulations and procedures that will allow customers to implement their processes safely.

Biomanufacturing Knowledge

The Pharmaceutical and BioPharmaceutical environment requires great precision in the design and manufacturing of each component, in-depth regulatory knowledge (GMP, FDA,...), and a vast set of engineering skills such as biology, materials engineering, general and fluid mechanics or automation. Our quality system and culture are based on these requirements. At VERDOT, a component is inconceivable without complete traceability (material, surface finish, welds), an instrument without calibration, a function without qualification, an automation without event recording and access management, a risk without analysis and control, and equipment without drainability, cleanability and full functionality qualified internally and with the Customer (FAT).


Design of sanitary equipment according to the requirements of pressure vessels or ATEX

The specificity of our customers' processes may sometimes require compliance with directives concerning equipment under pressure or explosive atmospheres. VERDOT Ips² offers this type of equipment by creating specific calculation notes and surrounding itself with notified bodies authorized to verify the design and manufacture of this type of system.

Automation and intuitive interfacing

The control of our equipment must be simple and intuitive in order to allow operators to easily program and use their recipes. Training in the use of our supervision is done within two hours and allows operators to be quickly autonomous.


LPLC applications and package expertise for the most difficult and risky phase of a pharmaceutical process

We provide our expertise for the package of chromatography columns with different types of resins. We can train customer operators at this critical stage or create packages in customer premises according to their needs.

Perfectly Controlled Integration

"For more than 30 years VERDOT & GEMÜ has been working in a perfect collaboration from feasibility to conception of Pharmaceutical skid. A great relationship that permitted us to understand clearly the Biotech and Pharmaceutical market, in order to adapt our offer.
An active participation during the technical definition of needs & a perfect proximity to propose the best quality solution. We are proud to be part since many years now, to the development and success of VERDOT company."
GEMU, 2019
"Verdot's rigour and technical expertise guarantee the proper integration of our equipment and our brand image in the industrial world."
"AXXAIR, an expert in orbital technology, shares strong common values with VERDOT. Our partnership is based on a close and trustworthy relationship that allows VERDOT, which has a long experience in orbital welding, to further increase the level of quality, traceability and process repeatability."
AXXAIR, 2019
"Our collaboration with Verdot is based on common values and missions, namely
• Improving the quality of life for all and contributing to the construction of a better society
• Leaving the manufacturing work to the machines and the thrill of creation to mankind
• Innovation driven by the needs of society
• A taste for challenge"
OMRON, 2019
"Verdot is a strong partner for Quattroflow in the biopharmaceutical industry with great growth prospects. We are happy that our long-standing cooperation has contributed to outstanding quality, reliability and safety of the products of Verdot"
"Quality requirements of Verdot Ips² combined with technical know-how of EMERSON allow to provide solutions that meet customer expectations for the integration of pressure, temperature, liquid analysis and flowmeter measurements into skids and chromatography systems."
"BOPP and the Verdot team have been working together as partners for many years. On this basis, specially designed products were developed and manufactured exclusively for Verdot. We at BOPP would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation for your cooperation and look forward to the many joint successes to come."
BOPP, 2019
"We are very proud to certify VERDOT as part of ISO 9001 v 2015 but also to support them as a Notified Body (Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU). We appreciate the rigor and seriousness of our contacts and are pleased to have built a strong and successful collaboration year after year."
Samuel Moingeon, Managing
Directeur TÜV Rheinland France SAS, 2019

Operating Practices

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