Experiences and Expertise

Experiences and expertise through project management, traceability, certification and standards.

Management of Your Projects

VERDOT Ips² made the choice of a dedicated contact for each customer project, from the reading of the specifications to the commissioning.

At the opening of the business, the project manager presents the specificities of the project to the various process pilots of the company. Throughout the project, she/he ensures the follow-up with the various internal operators so that all the means are gathered and implemented for its good execution. The project manager is in contact with the client to answer any questions and additional requests as soon as possible.
VERDOT Ips² strives to provide documentation that traces accurately what has been designed and built throughout the project phases (overall drawings, list of components and technical data sheets, material tracking, traceability, records, QC tests, user manual).




All the product contact components of our manufactured equipment are tracked and identified by a unique number, linked to one or more certificates.
Any part manufactured on site and in contact with the product or subjected to pressure is engraved with a number corresponding to a material certificate, present in the documentation provided to the customer.

Integrated design and manufacturing

Design: Mechanics, fluidics, automation and supervision

VERDOT Ips² has its own design and research unit composed of experimented industrial designers and engineers. VERDOT Ips² also relies on CETIM, universities, certification organizations networks. The time for design can vary depending on the type of project:

  • “Masters" with the possibility of adapting to customer constraints
  • "Specifications" including different phases progress of design especially for skids (30%, 60%, 90%)

Integration: Mechanical, sheet metalwork and piping manufacturing

VERDOT Ips² integrates into all of its designs, elements such as instrumentation, valves, pumps, according to clients’ specifications, as well as mechanical subassemblies such as filters, motorization, agitation, tightness, designed and manufactured by worldwide experts.

More than 30 years of experience in integration ensures compliance with supplier recommendations and the performance of integrated elements. The quality of collaborations is an element of flexibility and respect for deadlines.

VERDOT Ips² also qualified local subcontractors with whom relationships of trust and proximity have been established for many years.


Our management system

All requirements of ISO 9001 are integrated into the quality management system of VERDOT Ips² without exclusion since September 2006.

Our equipment

Our Agitated and InPlace columns have been assessed by notified bodies and are labelled CE-compliant according to European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), into categories from I to IV.
All our equipment are manufactured in compliance with regulatory texts related to product and equipment safety (CE conformity), the quality of equipment and automated systems and the quality of materials used for product contact.

Our team

Each of our welders has several qualifications issued by a notified body according to standards ISO 14732 and ISO 9606-1.

Our procedures

Our procedures regarding pressurized parts are qualified by a notified body according to standards ISO 15613 and ISO 15614.



As part of a customer project requiring compliance with a specific standard, VERDOT Ips² undertakes to have the equipment certified by the dedicated body.

Within its regulatory commitment, VERDOT Ips² relies on constant regulatory surveillance to anticipate new or changing regulatory and normative requirements for products, processes and the QSE system. It also assesses the conformity of activities with these requirements.

VERDOT Ips² also undertook to comply with a regulatory procedure for putting on the market of Industrial Chromatography Equipment marked CE in order to take into account the requirements of the applicable directives. This regulatory procedure is written in a certificate sent with each equipment delivered. With this procedure, VERDOT Ips² guarantees its customers equipment made in such a way as to ensure the protection of the health and safety of the user and the environment.