The reason for being of VERDOT Ips²:
"An experienced alternative to major suppliers to help to maintain biodiversity with an atypical model in the market for pilot and industrial LPLC equipment"

About Us

Since January 2021, the majority shareholder is the investment fund CAPITAL EXPORT with the objective to consolidate the development of VERDOT Ips² internationally.

Previously, VERDOT Ips² was a part of the French group SPLG (Goavec, ETA, Servinox, PMS, LMPA…).

The purpose of VERDOT team is to provide its expertise in design and realization of purification equipment for several Biopharma projects and other industries, starting from the development phase to the industrial stage.

The 11 years spent into by Bio-Rad Laboratories Group between 2003 and 2014 led VERDOT Ips² to a refocusing on the LPLC industrial equipment with a pilot scale incursion.

VERDOT Ips² has been able to accentuate the experience and knowledge acquired over more than 60 years:

  • In the 1950’s: a group of turners/millers experts in a workshop directed by Mr. Charles Verdot and dedicated to mechanics subcontracting for MICHELIN in particular
  • In the 1970’s, the workshop activities specialized in stainless steel and plastic materials to manufacture prototypes, subassemblies and assemblies in very small series.
  • From the 1980’s, the company leaned increasingly towards cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, especially with closed loop water systems.
  • In the mid 1990’s, using the expertise that was acquired over thirty years, a research unit was created to develop our own equipment. Three lines of products were offered:
    • Weighing and packing equipment
    • Closed loop water systems including the technical room and the vat room
    • Industrial equipment for purification processes, mainly by low pressure liquid chromatography technology (LPLC)

Our Values

The values that gather us and on which we rely on every day to adapt to the expectations and needs of our customers are:

Experience, Knowledge, Businesses expertise, Reactivity,

Flexibility, Agility, Sense of customer service

To these values, individual qualities are added such as:

Commitment, Generosity, Ethics,

Transparency, Rigor, Respect for procedures


Experiences and Expertise

Experiences and expertise through project management, traceability, certification and standards.


In-depth knowledge and integrated solutions for projects and customers’ application in BioPharma & Food.

Organization and Procedures

Experienced profiles, a HSQE driven organization focused on project management.

Services and Products

Services to go along with VERDOT® purification equipment.

Our Tips²

It is the agility in service provided by the VERDOT Ips² team throughout the project and the life of the equipment that is highly appreciated by our customers.

  • To answer any request with precision after careful and relevant consideration of the specifications.
  • To allow a constructive technical exchange with our contact persons in order to share objectives and reduce risks.
  • To design and implement, in compliance with customer deadlines, the dedicated and documented solution for purification processes.
  • To trace and document according to regulatory and internal requirements of customers.

Some contributions from VERDOT®:

  • VERDOT® InPlace™, the chromatography column, with ultra-fast and automated packing and unpacking, available from D20cm to D200cm
  • VERDOT® MiniPro, the most compact GMP process chromatography system on the market
  • VERDOT® FlexiPro™, the process system with disposable fluid path, with the widest flow range on the market: from very small flow (20mL/min) to large flow rates (600L/h)
  • VERDOT® EasyPack, the first column in the world validated by the USDA*
  • VERDOT® PilMod, the first modular chromatography column configurable for use of the chromatography media in packed, expanded and agitated modes

* The United States Department of Agriculture


Packing Sephacryl® S200 HR in the Verdot Ips² InPlace™ column


The Sephacryl® S200*, a size exclusion chromatography media from Cytiva, requires a special packing method for obtaining the best performance (Theoretical plates number and assymetry) in large scale columns. Merck Aubonne and VERDOT Ips² drove together a packing study of Sephacryl® S200 HR in VERDOT Ips² D45cm Column using axial compression, with great results. 

Please refer to the tech note for more details.
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FlexiPro™ by VERDOT, The Single-Use Chromatography Solution for AAV, Lentiviral and plasmid DNA Purification Challenges


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Made in France

From Design to Quality Control, VERDOT® equipment are part of a local manufacturing process.

Our workshops and offices are located in Riom, in the department of Puy-de-Dôme, in the middle of France. All our equipment are designed on site by the team of designers and engineers of our Research Unit. The parts are manufactured in our mechanics and boiler workshops, or subcontracted locally. 96% of the components are supplied in Europe and 4% in the United States.

Integration and quality control are 100% made into our premises in Riom. Our supervision software and PLC are designed by our engineers and local partners.