agichrom_with_systemSome chromatography supports based on diatomaceous earth, silica, and alumina are rarely used in packed bed chromatography for LPLC applications.    These supports can be difficult to clean, pack consistently, and run at low back pressures. The column packing is tricky due to the physical properties of the particles:  brittle tensile strength limits compressibility and small and variable particle sizes lead to dense packing and high back pressure.
The VERDOT Ips² AgiChrom agitated column circumvents these limitations and allows the user to perform several unit operations in one piece of equipment:

  • Dry Chromatography media can be loaded through the open top. Slurried media can be poured in from the top or pumped through the slurry valves mounted in the bottom flange.
  • The impeller, with motorized height adjustment, allows progressive slurrying of the media in a mobile phase, minimizing the shear stress on chromatography media.
  • The level of liquid in the column can be automatically controlled, by introduction of liquid through the ports on the cover and draining through the bottom filter.
  • The chromatography media can therefore be cleaned in place one or more times. The  mobile phase burdened with particles can be siphoned through a dip tube.
    Then the chromatography media can be mixed with the raw product and the various mobile phases for the mass transfer.
  • At last, the chromatography media can be removed from the column through the slurry valve(s), with automatic column tilting.

The mass transfer in agitated mode allows using of the full media binding capacity, while being relieved from the flow resistance due to chromatography media and product viscosity.
For the same reasons, the AgiChrom column is also very adapted for applications using very soft media unstable in settled bed mode (dextran matrix,…)

The VERDOT Ips² AgiChrom has proven her full suitability on numerous pharmaceutical applications.