The VERDOT Chromatography skid is now available in its «  very low flowrate » version for  small scale purification processes

FlexiPro ™ chromatography equipment is a compact system with disposable fluid path capable of handling small and medium scale GMP biopharmaceutical molecule purification processes. It has been specifically designed for single-use processes as well as for multi-product production units.

So far the initial range has been offering two fluidic path scales:

  • the “low flow kit” (LFK) that runs from 5 to 150 L / h and
  • the “high flow kit” (HFK) that runs from 20 to 600 L / h.

To meet the growing demand of very small volumes applications (like in the case of orphan diseases, clinical trials, …), VERDOT has developed two new fluid paths compatible with the same flexipro system allowing to work from 0.6 to 7LPH, with Ultra Low Flow kit “(ULFK) and 1 to 30 LPH with the” Very Low Flow Kit “(VLFK).

FlexiPro, Process Chromatography Skids with Disposable fluid path

An adaptation device has been installed enabling the FlexiPro to adapt to the size of each fluid path. As a result the same FlexiPro system can cover wide scale ranges to provide purification of therapeutic molecules ranging from a few grams to several kilograms.

Time to changing the adaptation set and the fluidic path is less than half an hour.

All of the FlexiPro fluidic paths meet the following specifications:

  • 4 sizes of fluidic paths:
    • ULFK: 0.6 – 7LPH (10-116mL / min)
    • VLFK: 1 – 30LPH (17-500mL / min)
    • LFK: 5-120LPH (83-2000mL / min)
    • HFK: 20-600LPH
  • 7 process inputs, spread over 2 pumps
  • Automated inline gradient and dilution possibility
  • High precision disposable instrumentation
  • Possibility of up to 4 bar of operating pressure
  • Flow kits assembled in ISO 7 clean room and delivered in double packaging
  • Documentation and records respecting all regulatory requirements

VERDOT Ips² proposes solutions that adapt to your application.

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