Verdot Chromato Column 2S

Food, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications often require separation of molecules or families of molecules with high purity, usually from vegetal or milk sources. Process chromatography is a good means for this purification when co-products and target molecules are close to the same size, especially using reverse phase or ion exchange techniques.

Very often, these applications involve food grade media, with large particles that are often subject to swelling and require high Height/Diameter ratio.


Current columns available on the market, with tank-based designs and large distribution chambers, are adequate for product treatment (demineralization, decoloration, debittering,…), but less suitable for molecule purification due to the large dilution induced by their distributors.

The VERDOT Chromatography Column 2S, has been designed from the wheels up for molecule separation applications .

The features of the Verdot Column 2S include:

  • High performance distributors with low void volume for maximum purified product concentration
  • High H/D, customizable for specific applications
  • Various solutions for media replacement, depending on frequency
  • Complete documentation for regulatory submissions
  • Optional configurations with higher solvent resistance
  • Robust design compatible with frequent wash downs in production environments

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