Testing was performed in order to evaluate the packing and unpacking capabilities of the Verdot Ips² InPlace column, using Sepharose(™)(1) media.  A 14cm bed of GE Zinc Imac Sepharose(™) Fast Flow media was packed in an 80 cm diameter Verdot Ips² InPlace column, using a compression factor of 1.15.

(1)Sepharose is a Trade mark of GE HEALTHCARE BIO-SCIENCES

Packing and unpacking of Imac Sepharose (TM) (1)Two packings were performed. The initial packing was performed with an empty column, the second following the performance of re-slurrying within the column.  Both packings were evaluated using HETP and Asymmetry tests and provided great results and reproducibility.

Prior to removal, air sparging and the InPlace columns tilting feature were used to re-suspended the media within the column in less than 20 minutes.  Through the column slurry valves, all media was transferred into the slurry tank in less than 5 minutes.


See tech note here attached.