Chromatography columns

  • Axial compression >> universal and optimal packing method
  • Fail safe and low shear stress slurry valves >> for pack/unpacking in place
  • Tilting, air sparging mechanisms >> fast unpacking with less than 2.5 column volumes
  • Inflatable seal actuated with hydropneumatic pump >> reliable dynamic sealing, easy degassing, fast actuation with air
  • Column flush under vacuum >> complete media removal during unpacking
  • Continuous degassing unit >> efficient solvent degassing before processing


  • Top in class Inline dilution system based on two pumps controlled with flowmeters with <=0.15% error
  • Fully automated Steam in Place solution for in-line sterilization

VERDOT Ips² was a Bio-Rad group’s subsidiary company when this video has been made. VERDOT Ips² designed and produced equipments Bio-Rad used to sell afterwards.