InPlace™ Chromatography Columns

20cm to >100cm
Columns for packing and unpacking in place

AgiChrom™ Agitated Chromatography Columns

With fixed/variable height of propeller Transformable in InPlace™ version

EasyPack™ Chromatography Columns

20cm to >100cm
"Open" column (open top packing)

PilMod™ chromatography columns

5cm to 20cm
Configurable columns for pilot and small process scale

Process Chromatography Skids 01 to 05

Range of chromatography systems with flow up to 5000L/h. Our Master Design is highly adaptable to Customer's URS

Minipro™, Benchtop Process Chromatography Systems

Desktop process chromatography system with 2 pump Inline dilution system, 4-120L/h.

FlexiPro™, Process Chromatography Skids with Disposable fluid path

Interchangeable low flow and high flow kits Ideal for multi-products purification suite

The Process Chromatography Station 00

Fully automated packing, unpacking, cleaning & purification for pilot or small process scale.

“All-in-one” process chromatography systems

Fully automated packing, unpacking, cleaning & purification for medium and large process scale.

Slurry Tanks

Agitated tank specifically designed for preparation of chromatography slurry

Bubble Traps

Range of air trap to prevent introduction of air bubbles in a chromatography column

Transparent agitated Tanks

Fully transparent agitated tank specially designed for you need.