MaintainProviding the right tools, procedures and services for maintenance reduces the risk of failure when the product is ready to process. It reduces the risk of contamination and ensures that equipment can be used for longer periods of time.

The process chromatography columns require very minimal maintenance when the basic recommendations are followed: remove media fines before use, respect the chemical compatibility of the materials of construction, do not exceed the maximum service pressure. The only preventive maintenance usually required is the replacement of the seals, which is recommended annually. It takes approximately one workday to replace all the seals of a mid-size process column (D60-D100cm) including all the watertightness tests.

Maintenance operations can be expedited by using electrical Column lifter (pictured on the left), which can quickly and safely lift elements of columns to access to all the seals. A single column lifter can be shared between all columns within a specified range of diameter.

VERDOT Ips² can also propose columns with maintenance in place (picture on the right), which is the ideal solution when space is limited. The column will be approximately 1 meter taller in this configuration.

Maintain Image1 Maintain Image2

Our procedures, developed over our 20 years of experience, ensures fast, safe and efficient operation.

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VERDOT Ips² was a Bio-Rad group’s subsidiary company when this video has been made. VERDOT Ips² designed and produced equipments Bio-Rad used to sell afterwards.