CleanCleaning starts with prevention of contamination. Contamination can come from different origins:

  • Exogenous contamination:microbial contaminants or particles can intrude the column in several instances:
    • At column delivery: the column must stay protected until it arrives in class D room and is cleaned in the final destination using correct procedures
    • When the top distributor is not tight (seal deflated / top assembly removed): Plastic covers must be used to avoid contamination
    • Contaminated liquids, gas or chromatography media introduced in the column: This confirms the importance of the cleaning procedures of the upstream installation (slurry tanks, upstream process steps, utilities).
  • Endogenous contamination:
    • Material of construction (stainless steel, plastics, seals) of our equipment have been chosen for their wide chemical resistance against the liquids used in process. But each material has its limitation: please refer to the chemical compatibility table or contact us in case of a doubt.
    • Chromatography Media degradation: media fines can clog the filters and hence reduce the purification performance and jeopardize the efficiency of further cleaning operation. Always de-fine media before use

For general instructions on the Cleaning procedure click here.

For detailed instructions on InPlace Cleaning  procedure contact us.