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Choosing the right packing method to maximize the performance of the media.

Our columns and procedures make it easier, more reproducible and optionally fully automated.

Our experts can also provide a range of service from SOP assistance to full packing service in your facility.


Proper cleaning SOPs are essential to reduce risk of contamination whenever, wherever and however it is introduced.

Based on our 20 years of Customer applications, we have developed cleaning procedures perfectly adapted to our columns to avoid excessive chemical consumption and operator intervention.


At industrial scale, process purification methods are developed by our Customers.

Our duty is to adapt the suitable chromatography technology (batch/continuous, gradient/isocratic …) for your application in your environment.
We can also provide you assistance for process development.


The column unpacking operation is often overlooked in terms of means and methods. Other columns on the market, highlighted for their “automatic packing”, require huge amounts of buffer, water, time and labour for unpacking. Minimizing these costs is an essential part of our column design. We also offer fully automated solutions for automated packing, cleaning and unpacking!


Providing the right tools, procedures and services for maintenance reduces the risk of failure when the product is ready to process.

Proper maintenance reduces the risk of contamination and ensures that the equipment can be used for longer periods of time.