While commonly used for purification at laboratory scale, size exclusion chromatography is also unavoidable in some applications at process scale for fine separation of molecules. Such separation is very demanding in terms of packing performance (HETP, As) as it directly influences the quality of the purification (yield and purity).   Uniform and reproducible packing of the preparative column are thus essential.

Special operating methods are required when packing this media in large scale columns. However, the unique features of the InPlace columns combined with a process chromatography system make the packing easy and reproducible.

In collaboration with Merck, Aubonne (Switzerland), a packing study was performed with Sephacryl® S-200 High Resolution*from GE Healthcare, in an VERDOT InPlace ™ column, ID446mm with a bed height of 330mm. The packing study validated the packing method to consistently obtain a high number of theoretical plates (HETP) and good asymmetry.

The InPlace column was packed in downflow and the performance was assessed in upflow for ensuring the stability of the performance in both directions.

Under the stated conditions, our packing method delivered an average of 10000 plates/meter, a reduced HETP** of 2.0,  and asymmetry values of  0.8 – 1.7 in a campaign of three packings.


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(*) Sephacryl is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

(**) reduced HETP: rHETP = HETP/mean particle size. Refer to our tech note  HETP Test (47 downloads)