Pilot chromatography system with degassing unitVERDOT Ips² MiniPro system is now also proposed as pilot scale LPLC process chromatography system.

The VERDOT Ips² MiniPro system, the most compact LPLC process chromatography system in the market, is now also proposed with a low flow configuration (1-60L/h), for serving as pilot chromatography system.

This system can thus be supplied with pilot flow kit (1-60L/h) and process flow kit (5-120L/h) for allowing scale-up with minimal investment. As standard, it is proposed with dual pumps for precise in-line dilution and gradient and it encloses all the instrumentation for fully automated LPLC purification, with safety controls and trends records. One hour presentation suffice for a new User to run the system and program simple or complex purification method.

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