Obtain high performance packing with Sephacryl® S200 in large scale columns using VERDOT InPlace ™ technology

While commonly used for purification at laboratory scale, size exclusion chromatography is also unavoidable in some applications at process scale for fine separation of molecules. Such separation is very demanding in terms of packing performance (HETP, As) as it directly influences the quality of the purification (yield and purity).   Uniform

Monday, January 28 2019|

VERDOT InPlace™ column, the best technology for packing & unpacking of Ceramic Hydroxyapatite (CHT)

Ceramic Hydroxyapatite requires special consideration during process scale chromatography packing. This is primarily due to the high specific gravity and rapid settling rate of CHT, moreover for the CHT 80µm that has a free-settling velocity of 125-275 cm/hr.  Additionally, as the CHT media is sensitive to mechanical shear, it can

Wednesday, June 13 2018|

VERDOT expands its range of FlexiPro with two « very low flowrate » disposable fluidic paths

The VERDOT Chromatography skid is now available in its «  very low flowrate » version for  small scale purification processes

FlexiPro ™ chromatography equipment is a compact system with disposable fluid path capable of handling small and medium scale GMP biopharmaceutical molecule purification processes. It has been specifically designed for single-use processes

Wednesday, February 7 2018|

Close collaboration maximizes value of engineered solutions and saves time in start-up

This article has been issued in La Vague Magazine N#53, April 2017 – pages 27 to 29.








The case study of BioMarin Fast-Track project with VERDOT Ips²

This paper reports a very fruitful collaboration between a Biopharmaceutical company, BioMarin International Ltd and a manufacturer of purification equipment, VERDOT Ips², which contributed to

Wednesday, April 26 2017|

The new VERDOT Chromatography Column 2S for food, cosmetic and nutraceutical purification

Food, cosmetic and nutraceutical applications often require separation of molecules or families of molecules with high purity, usually from vegetal or milk sources. Process chromatography is a good means for this purification when co-products and target molecules are close to the same size, especially using reverse phase or ion exchange

Wednesday, March 29 2017|