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Verdot Ips2 ‘s AgiChrom, a simple solution when LPLC chromatography with packed bed is difficult (Diatomaceous earth, silica, etc.)

Some chromatography supports based on diatomaceous earth, silica, and alumina are rarely used in packed bed chromatography for LPLC applications.    These supports can be difficult to clean, pack consistently, and run at low back pressures. The column packing is tricky due to the physical properties of the particles:  brittle tensile

Friday, October 14 2016|

MiniPro system as pilot scale LPLC process chromatography system

VERDOT Ips² MiniPro system is now also proposed as pilot scale LPLC process chromatography system.

The VERDOT Ips² MiniPro system, the most compact LPLC process chromatography system in the market, is now also proposed with a low flow configuration (1-60L/h), for serving as pilot chromatography system.

This system can thus be supplied

Tuesday, April 19 2016|

Packing & unpacking of Sepharose(™)Fast Flow(GE) in InPlace(™) column

Testing was performed in order to evaluate the packing and unpacking capabilities of the Verdot Ips² InPlace column, using Sepharose(™)(1) media.  A 14cm bed of GE Zinc Imac Sepharose(™) Fast Flow media was packed in an 80 cm diameter Verdot Ips² InPlace column, using a compression factor of 1.15.

(1)Sepharose is

Thursday, April 14 2016|