It all started in the 1950’s with a group of turners/millers experts in a workshop directed by Mr Charles VERDOT and dedicated to mechanics subcontracting for Michelin for example.

In the 1970’s, the workshop specialized in work with stainless steel and plastic materials to manufacture systems in small mass-production.

From the 1980’s, the company leaned clearly toward cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, especially with « water loop » process activity.

In the mid 1990’s, a research unit was created to develop our own products thanks to our over 30 years’ expertise.

Three lines of products were offered:

  • Weighing and packing equipment
  • « Water loop  » process including the technical room and the vat room
  • Industrial equipment for purification processes mainly by chromatography (LPLC)

Our acquisition by Bio-Rad Laboratories at the beginning of 2000’s, led us to a refocusing only on industrial equipment for chromatography with incresed involvement in process design from experimental to manufacturing scale.

Today, we are part of the French company SPLG ( GOAVEC, SERVINOX, …) and we bring our expertise in design of purification equipment for BioPharma and other industries, from development to industrial scale.

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