ConceptionOur Profile

A team of 37 people with 1/3 in the production department.
More than 60% of us are, at least, graduated with a BA
50% of us are engineers or executives
Our average age is 45 and our average tenure is 14 years
We are certified « ISO 9001: 2015 »
Our safety record is 1762 days without an accident
Our average annual absenteeism rate is between 0.4 and 0.7%
Our carbon footprint in 2015 was 646 t CO2 eq.
More than 15 % of our time is spent on development.

Our values

The shared values ​​on which we rely every day to adapt our offers to the expectations and needs of our customers are:
Business expertise, adaptability, sense of customer service, ethics and commitment.

The values ​​which guide our individual behaviors within the team are :
self-monitoring, discipline, responsiveness, curiosity and respect for procedures.

VERDOT Ips² was a Bio-Rad group’s subsidiary company when this video has been made. VERDOT Ips² designed and produced equipments Bio-Rad used to sell afterwards.