p3cContinuous purification processes are emerging as tools to deliver greater productivity and manufacturing efficiency than batch process.  For pilot and production scale continuous purification methods, VERDOT Ips² is pleased to propose its new Multi-Purpose Continuous Purification Platform, the Verdot P3C system.

The Verdot P3C system offers a wide range of capabilities:

  • Simultaneous use of up to 5 chromatography columns with diameters of 1.5 cm to 10.0 cm.
  • Flow ranges of 5 ml/min. to 280 ml/min, with tubing diameters of 0.75 mm to 2.5 mm ID.
  • Operating pressure up to 3.8 bar.
  • Six pumps heads, two flow meters, and in-line continuous pH, Conductivity and UV absorbance sensors.
  • Open design for quick re-configuration of flow pattern.

Customized solutions are available to meet unique requirements.

The features of the control system for the Verdot P3C include:

  • Real-time monitoring of the separation process by continuous flow rate, UV absorbance, Conductivity, and pH measurements.
  • Process run history including all events, alarms, set points and operating sequences.
  • Opportunity for integration with plant-wide information systems through the Open Platform Communication (OPC) server of the P3C system.
  • Straight-forward programming of process sequences using functional blocks.

This platform makes it possible to operate a sequential chromatography scheme in Bind & Elute mode with multiple columns, and to use columns in series with different ligands for performing two purification steps at one time. The isocratic mode, like Simulated Moving Bed, and other continuous purification technique are also possible.

Several applications for the purification of proteins and heterosides have been successfully developed on this platform, and scaled to our larger production systems.

For any further information, advice, inquiries, please contact us by email , or by phone.. Our team will be pleased to answer anything you need.